Sometimes breaks are needed, but I’ll be back!

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It’s been a while. I’ve had 6 drafts sitting on my site. 6 fully or partially written drafts that I just haven’t haven’t felt compelled to post.

The first is about my easy mashed potatoes. The second is a post about our Asheville trip and a restaurant that had oysters on almost every menu item (even in the beer). The third is “tales of travel” from the cruise we took last year. The fourth, a quick no recipe lunch. The 5th, a gift guide for the foodies in your life. The final, is a recipe for one of my “famous” Sweet by Lauren cakes.

They’ve all been there but for some reason I felt they haven’t been worthy of the blog.

In the last 6 months I’ve done so much: reached goals, traveled, cooked, entertained, and none of it has been documented here. I hosted Easter brunch for the second year in a row. I graduated from graduate school and became only one of two women in my immediate family to do so. My sister had her second child and I threw what I thought was one of the most fun events I’ve thrown in a while for her shower.  I’ve traveled to Florida twice, South Carolina, and North Carolina. So many great meals, events, and recipes but all still in my head or scribbled on a piece of paper somewhere.

Life has happened and for some reason I haven’t been compelled to share. I know that blogging is just an opportunity for me to share a little bit of my life with you and my goal is to do better.

A little pinch here and there can create one of the best plates you’ve ever seen! Hopefully those plates can turn into an amazing party! The purpose of this blog is to share that with you!

I hope you enjoy every step of my journey as I continue to share my life with you.

More to come soon and don’t worry, I’ll definitely be posting that cake recipe!

Oh July! A time for family, school, and… Pictures!

Why hello there! I’m sure you were wondering where I went… or maybe not. But I’d like to think that you’ve been curious.

If you know me well, or have even read some of my past posts you might know the following:

  1. I recently became a wife.
  2. I’m a graduate student.
  3. I like to run.
  4. I love to cook.
  5. I like makeup (but you’d never know by looking at me)
  6. I work full-time.
  7. I blog in my spare time.
  8. I’m interning part time.

This summer has been very busy for me. It’s the busiest for me at work and the most time consuming for me at school with such a short semester. I love being busy, I’ll admit it, but too much business for too long really gets to me. So long story short, there’s only 168 hours in a week and I’ve had to let some things go for the summer. Unfortunately the following had to get cut:

  1. Running
  2. Cooking (lots of sandwiches, salads, and frozen Chinese food for us)
  3. Blogging
  4. …Makeup

It’s sad. I know. BUT I wanted to at least let you know what I’ve been up to this summer.


The weekend of the 4th of July I was able to have a short weekend escape and road trip to the country to spend some time with my [new] family and [new] extended family. The weekend was filled with all the things you would expect for a weekend with family: lots of laughs, lots of food, and a few adjustments.


I love my family and I’m grateful for every moment I get to spend with them. I’m also thankful that the folks in charge of the food knew what they were doing because who wants to have crappy food on the Fourth of July? My father-in-law killed it at the grill and my mother-in-law basically makes the best food ever (even her Brussels Spouts taste like heaven).


I enjoyed getting to fish a little bit with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law even though we didn’t really catch anything big.


And of course I loved getting some time with my husband away from our crazy life at home.


I can’t wait to get back to actual cooking (and blogging, and running, and makeup) but unfortunately the semester doesn’t end until July 30th!

I promise I’m still trying to get a blog post together that touches on grocery shopping on a budget. So many of you responded and I’ve got some great data to work with!

If you have any blog post ideas please comment and share! I want to make sure I’m blogging about things you’re interested in!

See you in August!

Biscuits the size of a Cat’s Head: Eating Asheville – Biscuit Head


Is there any meal that’s better than breakfast? I mean, come on. It’s the first meal you eat, it sets your pace for the day, and it’s the perfect paring of hearty, sweet, and savory.

Restaurant: Biscuit Head, Biltmore Avenue

Location: 417 Biltmore Ave, Ste 4F Asheville, NC 28801

Price Range: $$ ($11 – $30)


Click HERE to view the Menu

While in Asheville we were on the hunt for a delicious and simple breakfast spot. After getting some suggestions from friends, and searching around yelp, all we could find were spots downtown that had really long wait times. I did a little searching online and came across a fun article by Bon Appetit Magazine and decided to give one of their suggestions a try. After a lot of searching, pondering, and debating, we ended up putting Biscuit Head in our GPS and ended up at their unassuming Biltmore Avenue location.

After pulling up to the restaurant we were a little skeptical to give this restaurant a try. It was raining out, it was a little chilly, and there was a VERY long line coming out of the door. I don’t like lines, I’m not a huge fan or rain, and because we were traveling in the end of April I was hoping for higher temperatures. I complained a little, sent my husband to get in line, and I parked the car. I decided that I needed to figure out why people felt the need to commit to eating at this restaurant.


My oh my… I’m so glad we decided to eat here. The restaurant is designed to have a line. The space inside is pretty small so by time you get to the front of the line and pay for your food, someone else is leaving space at an empty table (kind of like the lines at Chipotle). We made it inside pretty quickly and were greeted by so many happy faces!


At the door entrance there was a chalkboard that read cat head biscuits. I had no idea what that meant until I was served my food.


The biscuits here are HUGE and super filling. I ordered the Mimosa Fried Chicken Biscuit with a double shot of espresso. William ordered the Fried Catfish Biscuit and a regular coffee.


After ordering we were given our number and were directed to take a seat anywhere we liked. We ended up sitting a the communal table. William sat on the side with chairs and I sat on the side with the bench. I’ll admit it was a little difficult to get in and out of my seat so William was in charge of getting any jelly, water, or coffee refills.

… Speaking of Jelly. They have an amazing jelly bar for you to try out. Customers can purchase jelly, sauces, and biscuit mix to use at home.


Our food was prepared and out to our seats in less than 10 minutes. Like I said before, the biscuits are huge and very filling. Both biscuits were absolutely amazing. I liked William’s catfist biscuit the best (even though I’m not a fan of catfish). The poached eggs that topped our biscuits were cooked perfectly as well.

CatfishBiscuit ChickenBiscuit

If you’re in Asheville and are looking for a delicious, carb loaded breakfast spot, please check out Biscuit Head! It’s worth the (short) wait and I promise you will not leave hungry.