Girls Bedroom – Spring 2021 One Room Challenge: Week 1

I’m so excited to share that I will be a guest participant in the Spring 2021 One Room Challenge! This is my second time as a guest participant in this biannual design event. For the fall 2020 event I transformed my laundry room (click HERE if you missed it) and I’m excited about the space that I plan to transform this round.

If you’re not familiar with the One Room Challenge, let me give you a brief overview. This is a design event where 20 featured designers transform a room over the course of 8 weeks. One of the coolest parts of this event is that ANYONE can join as a guest participant and transform their own space! CLICK HERE to stay up to date on the event.

So, get ready because the next 8 weeks are going to be fun! I will be partnering with a few brands as I completely makeover and transform a room!

The Room

Soooo…. I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer. The space I’m going to transform is…

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6 Outfit Ideas for the DIY woman in your life (plus a bonus off-day outfit)

Whether you’re on the market to upgrade your work wear, looking for a mothers’ day gift, or you’re shopping for a fearless DIY friend, it’s important for women to have clothes that are comfortable and that fit well. Today I’m sharing 6 days worth of DIY friendly outfits and I’m sharing one of my favorite “off day” outfits as a bonus! Scroll down to see photos of each piece!

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MONDAY: Graphic Tee + Stretch Denim Workpants

DIY List Tee

Who wants to wear a plain black t-shirt when you can wear a graphic tee that speaks exactly to your craft? This DIY List Tee is equal parts comfort and style.

Work Pants for Women

These pants do it all and they’re designed to fit a womans body. They have pockets, reinforced demin, and they’re stretch. What’s not to love?

*Dovetail Workwear kindly gifted this product

TUESDAY: Utility Shirt + Classic Denim

Utility Shirt

You can never have too many pockets when working on a DIY. They’re comfy, stylish, and functional.

THE Classic – Levi’s 501

There’s a reason why these are a classic! These jeans can be worn while tackling a project but transition to everyday wear for running errands, spending time with friends, or for dinner out.

WEDNESDAY: Work Shirt + Sweats

Shirt Jacket

This “Shacket” is heavier duty so it would be great to wear for warmth, style, and comfort. This one is chambray with a flannel lining.

*Dovetail Workwear kindly gifted this product

Sweat Pants

Sometimes you just want to be comfortable. When that’s the case there’s no better option than a pair of comfortable sweat pants!

THURSDAY: The perfect ‘fit for painting

Cotton Twill Coveralls

Coveralls are perfect for painting! They keep you and your favorite clothes free from paint! Another perk is that you don’t have to worry about if you get paint on them or not.

*Behr Paint kindly gifted this product

Sporty Sandals

Wearing appropriate close toe shore sis important when handling heavy materials and machinery but i think it’s okay to wear something a little more comfortable when painting indoors or working on crafts.

FRIDAY: Pocket Tee + Comfortable (yet durable) Pants

Pocket Tee

T-shirts are life and a pocket tee makes an already perfect item of clothing more perfect. This tee is soft, stretchy, and comfortable.

Jogger Work Pants

The comfort of a jogger with the performance of a work pant! I mean come on, this combination is what dreams are made of.

*Dovetail Workwear kindly gifted this product

SATURDAY: Classic Tee + Classic Shoes

Ringer Tee

Yes, I’m recommending not one… but two graphic DIY tees. Every DIYer deserves a fun uniform and this DIY definition tee is too cute not to have.

Classic Sneakers

These are great for when you’re on the go — whether it’s a trip to Home Depot or Home Goods it’s important to have a comfortable (and on trend) shoe.

Sunday: Bonus outfit for a day off

Babydoll Dress

It’s important to take a day off from DIY, work, or projects to just enjoy and rest. Sunday brunch, church, or time with family are some of my favorites! Why not come up with an excuse to dress up?

Ankle Strap Heels

Heels aren’t for everyone BUT they’re definitely a favorite for me. These transition well from spring into summer and into early fall.

4 Ways to Treat Your Houseplants Well

Plants serve so many different purposes within a home and ultimately bring life to whatever space they inhabit. Over time I’ve grown to truly appreicate my plants and have found that when I’m kind to them, they’re kind to me. Here are a few tips I’ve learned since becoming a plant parent that I think might be helpful to you! After the tips you can find links to shop the resources!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.

Feed Them

Fertilize plants once a month during the growing season (typically spring to early fall). During the dormant season you might not need to fertilize or you can fertilize periodically.

Find a Resource

Find a houseplant book you love and learn from the experts. Plant books typically give tips and recommendations regarding sun, waterting, soil, etc.

Give Them a Little TLC

Don’t forget, plants are living things and they need to be treated as such. Some plants are easy going and others need a lot of attention.

  • Dust their leaves
  • Remove damaged leaves
  • Prune branches
  • Rotate them periodically
  • Repot as needed

Give Them Somewhere Nice to Live

If possible, take your plant out of the nursery pot and plant it in a new planter! Many plants come in small pots and in many cases might need to be potted in a larger planter. Whenever possible purchase planters with drainage holes and if that’s not possible, drill a hole if you can.