3 Year old Toddler Bedroom Upgrade: Mood Board and Inspiration

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I can’t believe it’s finally happening! A little over 3 years ago I brought home a tiny little baby girl from the hospital and now she’s already ready for a big girl bedroom and a big girl bed.

In summer of 2019 I wrote about McFly’s nursery. Since then I’ve done so many DIYs and room transformations but to this day, that nursery is still one of my favorite spaces.

We put McFly’s new mattress on the floor to get her used to sleeping on a twin matress but it was time to finally take the crib and changing table out of her room. It’s already feels so unreal to me that her baby furniture is gone.

I’m excited to share the moodboard for her “new” big girl bedroom with you! As always, I want to make this as cost effective as possible. I’ll use some splurge items, some budget options, I plan to reuse some items she already has in the space, AND I plan to repurpose some items.

Spray paint is going to be my best friend in this room and I’m excited to share as much of the process with you as I can!

Installing DIY Luxury Vinyl Flooring by The Tile Shop

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When we moved into our home our main level had a combination of engineered hardwood and shag carpet. Since moving in almost 5 years ago we’ve gotten a dog and had a child and that’s meant lots of spills, stains, and scratches on our original flooring.

I’ve wanted to replace our flooring with plank flooring for a while and decided that it was finally time! We don’t currently have the budget to hire a team to install new flooring so I took on the challenge of going the DIY route.

Flooring Choice 

I used Tile Shop’s Luxury Vinyl SPC flooring in the color Madera Miel. These 7”x48” large-format planks are installed as a floating floor with a click-lock system. They have the look of wood flooring with higher durability and lower maintenance. They’re scratch resistant and completely waterproof.

It was important for me to find a flooring that was easy to install since this project was something I was going to do on my own. This Luxury Vinyl SPC flooring doesn’t require any special glue and can be cut with a utility knife (I recommend a jigsaw and/or circular saw for rip cuts and rounded cuts).

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One Room Challenge: Week 7 – Wrapping up + Wallpaper!

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There’s just 1 week left in the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge and if I can be completely honest, I’m starting to freak out just a little bit. I’ve got less than a week to finish up this space, and I still have a good bit of work left in the kitchen. Let me walk you through what I was able to finish up this past week and what I have left to do before the reveal.

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Recap From the Last Week


This past week I had a major focus on getting the wallpaper in my kitchen installed. Before this experience I had never hung wallpaper (not even peel and stick). I used the Milton and King paste the wall wallpaper in the pattern County Flowers by Eloise Short. This pattern is beautiful and works perfectly in a Kitchen. I love that the design has a grandmillennial style to it and I love the details of the flowers and subtle stripes.

Installing the wallpaper was much easier than I expected it to be. I believe the thick high quality paper played a major role in the installation. I’m a perfectionist and wanted my seams to match up perfectly (which meant that I moved the paper around a lot until it was just right). I read over their Installation and Care page on their website and that was super helpful and informative. Because I was balancing DIY with a toddler I had to break up my install but I could have easily done the entire kitchen in a day.

Cabinet Doors

I’m so excited that I’m finally done building all of the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. There’s a total of 42 and I’m just so proud of myself for building them even though there were definitiely days where I second guessed my ability (and wanted to just buy some online). I’ve started spraying them and need to finish up the second coat with the sprayer. I did test out one of the Emtek Cabinet pulls to see how it will look with the drawer and I’m so happy with how it’s going to come together in the kitchen.


I purchased and assembled new chairs and a table for the Kitchen. I wanted to find elements that tied in the darker colors of the kitchen while also having wooden chairs that are a lot more family friendly than our previous cloth chairs.

What’s Left


This week on instagram I shared the countertops I selected for my kitchen and I got the confirmation that they’ll be installed in just a few days. I’ve had so many ups and downs with these counters but I’m excited that I’ll finally be getting the soapstone counters I’ve been dreaming of!


I can’t install the backsplash until the counters are installed so it’s going to be GAME time once they’re in. I’ll have just a few days after the counters are installed to have the backspash installed, grouted, and sealed. I’ll be using The Tile Shop’s Riad Tile in white and I know it will bring some dimension that the kitchen is currently lacking.


Although my pendant lights and sconce are installed I still need to finish up the lighting in the Kitchen which includes hanging the chandilier and adding in the under cabinet strip lighting.


I had to remove all of the trim in the kitchen to install the floors so that means I need to add shoe moulding and baseboards back in around the perimeter of the room and around all of the lower cabinet boxes. I also need to find the perfect trim to line the top of the upper cabinets.


Last but not least, I need to get some styling done! I need curtains, canisters, and other decorative fixtures for the room! I can’t wait to finish up this kitchen and make it beautiful!

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