Basement Renovation: Weeks 5, 6, and 7 – Insulation and Drywall

We’ve wrapped up weeks 5, 6, and 7 of our basement project! These last 3 weeks have completely transformed our basement from beams and pipes to a space that’s starting to feel “real”.

If you missed any of the past basement updates, you can read about them by clicking the buttons below.

Week 5 – Insulation


The team installed wall insulation. Wall insulation is required by code to be in all exterior facing walls and any walls facing unfinished space.


The team added in ceiling insulation between the ceiling joists and the floor joists of our main floor. This insulation will also help muffle any noise resulting from movement on the main floor.

Week 6 – Inspection and Drywall Installation


To make sure we’re staying within code, we had our insulation inspection and we passed without any issues! This was huge because it means that we can get on to the fun stuff. Drywall!


Drywall begins! The team came in, measured, and immediately got to work! They installed almost all of the ceiling drywall in just one day.


I wanted to install some additional 2×4’s in some areas whre I’m considering hanging more lighting so I did that before the team came in.

One the team arrived, they installed the remaining basement drywall with the exception of the stairwell. They needed to re-install the insulation between the concrete to make sure the drywall would sit more flush to the furring strips that were in stalled there.


The first layer of drywall mudding and taping happened on Thursday. This will need to dry before the team can come back to do additional mudding.

Week 7 – Drywall


The drywall team came back and reinstalled the stairwell insulation and the remaining drywall!


More, more, more, mudding! I cannot stress how happy I am that I didn’t try to DIY the drywall, and mudding myself. This team worked insanely fast and have done such a great job.

Friday –

The drywall is done! The team worked on sanding all the drywall mud down and I can’t believe how smooth these walls are!

Make sure you come back here to every weekend for weekly updates. You can follow along on Instagram and Tiktok as well, but I’ll be sharing the most detailed look of the project here on the blog.

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