Easter Dinner: Here’s what’s on the menu for this year!

I’ve hosted Easter at our home every year since we got married in 2014 (with the exception of 2020). I love having my and my husband’s family over to just enjoy each other’s company and celebrate one of the most important holidays as part of our faith.

Over the years it has transitioned from brunch to dinner. This year I’m making dinner! Here’s what I’m serving! Scroll for recipes and ideas from our menu.

Kids Menu:

The kids will probably eat most of the “adult food” but I like to have an alternative option just in case. I grabbed a box of frozen corn dogs from Aldi and I’ll either do some grapes or fruit cups.


The classic southern combination is pimento cheese and club crackers but after having the house pimento cheese and salt and vinegar chips from The Southern Gentleman, I’m now a big fan of the chip and cheese combination. I’ll be purchasing our pimento cheese from a local bakery but I’ve shared a good recipe alternative.

I know these are typically reserved for tea, but I love them and I think they’re amazing to nibble on. These are simple to eat and I’ll use this sandwich cutter to quickly get perfect triangles (this is great for everyday peanut butter and jelly sandwiches too).

Main Meal:

We eat this salmon regularly. It’s easy to throw together and make on our grill and it can be eaten for a simple dinner or for a fancy supper! It only requires three ingredients (salmon, salt, and brown sugar) and it’s always a crowd pleaser.

Ham is such a staple for an Easter dinner. The one I’m making is a family recipe passed down from my grandmother but the one I have linked is very similar. It’s always a crowd pleaser.

It’s like a regular caesar, but with a twist! I love the depth of flavor the kale adds and of course, its from scratch.

A true southern staple and one of my favorite things to eat. This recipe is my go to recipe. It’s some of the best you’ll every tase and is probably one of the easiest recipes out there.

Another classic Easter menu item, and for good reason. Roasted carrots require minimal ingredients and provide a perfect combination of sweet and savory.


Hopefully I’ll have time to make this. I’m making a lemon infused symple syrup and using it to sweeten the lemonade!

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