Basement Renovation: Weeks 8 & 9 – From Cement Board to Baseboards

We’re at the point in our renovation where things are starting to slow down a bit. Each week our progress is a little slower but that makes me excited to know that a lot of the major work is already behind us.

If you missed any of the past basement updates, you can read about them by clicking the buttons below.

Week 8 – Ceiling cuts for lighting

Only one thing happened during week 8. The electrician stopped by to cut the holes for our downlights. If you missed it, I outlined exactly which lights we’re installing in the basement in my week 3 blog post.

Week 9 – Shower walls, trim, and doors


I was so happy to see the team started installing the cement board for the shower walls! Cement board one option to consider behind shower tile becuase it helps eliminate any mold groth that might come from any moisture in the space.

They also poured the angled base in the shower floor. Once dry, this will ensure the water runs towards the drain when the shower water is flowing.


The team started rolling on the reguard for the shower waterproofing. The red guard serves as waterproofing and crack prevention membrane for underneath the shower tiles.


The carpentry team came in and this was another one of those steps that helped make the space feel even more complete! They installed all of the baseboards, doors, and door trim!

We’re getting even closer to being finished and these two weeks were another great step forward toward this basement being ready for me to takeover.

Make sure you come back here to every weekend for weekly updates. You can follow along on Instagram and Tiktok as well, but I’ll be sharing the most detailed look of the project here on the blog.

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