Basement Renovation: Week 4 – Bathroom Tile Selection and the Inevitable 1st Inspection

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We’re at the end of week 4 of our basement project! Week 4 had a little more excitement than week 3 for sure. Although there was not much construction, we hit a HUGE milestone in the basement project. If you missed any of the past blog posts you can quickly navigate to them by clicking one of the corresponding buttons.

Thursday – Round 1 Inspection

This week marked the first round of inspections for our home. This first round will include electrical, HVAC, structural, framing, and rough plumbing inspections. As I mentioned previously we were a little worried that we might not pass the rough plumbing inspection below the foundation.

The good news is that we passed! As the waterproofing company mentioned, our gravity drains are working properly and the reason we had some water is because the drain system was temporarily out of commission while the new plumbing lines were being installed. Once we add the gravel layer and foundation concrete back in the system will work as intended.

I was holding my breath the entire time but thankfully, everything is perfect and we’re ready to move on to the next phase of the basement!

Friday – Concrete

To close out the week the team came in and “filled” the chunk of foundation that was missing! The gravel went back in and moisture barrier and concrete went back on top. It’s such a relief to have that section of or foundation closed back up! It will dry completely in a few days and we thankfully won’t have to worry about that area of the basement again!

Bathroom tile, fixtures, and finishes

I’ve been dreaming up this bathroom design for a while now but I finally narrowed own the tile for the shower walls and the bathroom floor as well as my vision for the vanity, counter, and additional finishes.


Believe it or not, but when I did my kitchen renovation back in Fall 2021, I was able to save a pretty large section of soapstone from our counters. If you missed it, our original countertops cracked while en route to our house and the team kindly let us keep a piece of the broken countertops. Based on my measurements I **should** have enough to use for the countertops in the basement bathroom. I’m praying that I actually do.


I haven’t built furniture in a long time but my goal is to bring the miter saw and tools back out for this. I think building a wood vanity will help bring some warmth into this space and will compliment the soapstone well.


My goal is to have antique gold fixtures for the shower hardware and I’m debating between gold and black for any cabinet hardware.

Shower Wall Tile:

I’m beyond excited about the tiles I picked out for the bathroom. The shower walls will be 2”x8” Fireclay Tile subway tiles in the color rosemary. I love the variation in the tile glazing and I love although the color is lighter, it still has my signature green feel to it.

Shower Pan and Bathroom Floor Tile:

I have always loved the classic look of pinwheel tile and I’m finally getting to put some in our home. The shower pan and bathroom floors will be a white and black glass pinwheel tile. I love that this tile combines the classic look of pinwheel with are more modern glass tile.

Now that we’ve passed our first round of inspections we can move on to what I call, “The fun stuff”. Things like insulation, drywall, tile, etc.

Make sure you come back here to every weekend for weekly updates. You can follow along on Instagram and Tiktok as well, but I’ll be sharing the most detailed look of the project here on the blog.

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    • I love green and I really wanted to have a handmade tile that still had a bit of structure to it. For the floors I’ve always loved that classic pinwheel look and this glass tile was a nice twist on that classic look.

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