Weekly Recap: X-Stool Progress, Plant Care + a Very Simple Meal Plan

And that’s a wrap for this week on Pinch Plate Party. This week we worked on 3 projects; the x-stools, an outdoor planter, and plant care!

Be sure to check out this post for a recap of what we did, what we ate, and what we used this week! If you’re interested in the weekly menu just check out the “on The Menu” section for each weekday.

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What We Did

Built an outdoor hanging deck planter

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What We Did

Tuesday is a work day so no DIY took place today.

On The Menu


What We Did

Started adding fabric to the x-stools.

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What We Did

Continued working on the x-stools and took care of the houseplants. Posted a Blog Post.


What We Did

Shared a “How To” for how to use the DeWalt 18 gauge heavy duty stapler



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