4 Ways to Treat Your Houseplants Well

Plants serve so many different purposes within a home and ultimately bring life to whatever space they inhabit. Over time I’ve grown to truly appreicate my plants and have found that when I’m kind to them, they’re kind to me. Here are a few tips I’ve learned since becoming a plant parent that I think might be helpful to you! After the tips you can find links to shop the resources!

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Feed Them

Fertilize plants once a month during the growing season (typically spring to early fall). During the dormant season you might not need to fertilize or you can fertilize periodically.

Find a Resource

Find a houseplant book you love and learn from the experts. Plant books typically give tips and recommendations regarding sun, waterting, soil, etc.

Give Them a Little TLC

Don’t forget, plants are living things and they need to be treated as such. Some plants are easy going and others need a lot of attention.

  • Dust their leaves
  • Remove damaged leaves
  • Prune branches
  • Rotate them periodically
  • Repot as needed

Give Them Somewhere Nice to Live

If possible, take your plant out of the nursery pot and plant it in a new planter! Many plants come in small pots and in many cases might need to be potted in a larger planter. Whenever possible purchase planters with drainage holes and if that’s not possible, drill a hole if you can.

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