Weekly Recap: Picture Frame Build + Spur of the Moment Meal Plan

And that’s a wrap for this week on Pinch Plate Party. This week was primarily about getting a little bit of much needed rest and building frames for canvas art.

Be sure to check out this post for a recap of what we did, what we ate, and what we used this week! If you’re interested in the weekly menu just check out the “on The Menu” section for each weekday.

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What We Did

Took the day off from projects and did some “adulting”.

Links for the Day


What We Did

Tuesday is a work day so no DIY took place today.

On The Menu


What We Did

Started working on canvas float frames only to realize that the cuts were 40 degrees not 45 degrees. Took a break and re worked the plans for the frame.


What We Did

Completed the frames for the canvas and got excited that although they arent exactly what we had planned, they still turned out great!


What We Did

Shared a “How To” for how to use the Bessey 90 degree corner clamp



Links for the Day

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