The Plant that Keeps on Giving: Pilea Sharing Plant

Google the phrase “Millennials and Plants” and you will find some interesting headlines, “The One Thing Millennials Haven’t Killed Is Houseplants”, “They don’t own homes. They don’t have kids. Why millennials are plant addicts”, and “Millennials are hiring consultants to raise their ‘plant babies’.”

2019-07-12-03.26.00-1I’ll be honest — I’m a rather typical millennial. I love traveling, avocado toast, fast casual food, instagram, online shopping, and of course — PLANTS. If a room in my house has a window, I have at least one plant in it. I counted, I have 10 plants and honestly… that’s not a lot compared to many other millennials out there.

Today I’m talking about the Pilea Sharing Plant. It’s one of the trendiest plants on social media and it’s a perfect plant to have in your home and share with others.

2019-07-12-03.26.04-1You can buy one of these plants at HOME DEPOT (that’s where mine came from). Home depot has a great assortment of houseplants an an AMAZING 1 year guarantee on their plants.

Another place to consider purchasing from is online at THE SILL (an entire site that’s basically dedicated to millennials and their plant addiction).

I purchased one for my sister for her birthday BUT I’m also selfish and wanted one of these plants for myslef. The great thing about these plants is that they’re easy to “share”. As the plant sprouts new branches you can split the plant and share the new growth with your friends! If you end up buying one of these plants (which you should) and want to share it with your firends (or family), here’s a quick tutorial of how to propagate your plant!2019-07-12-02.50.52-1


Buy a Pilea Sharing Plant that already has a few new sprous that have formed away from the primary plant. 



Purchase a small planter (with drainage holes), and potting soil. Prepare a workspace that you’re okay getting a little messy. Fill your planter 3/4 full with potting soil (do not pack the soil)



Identify the “new growth” you plan to remove and repot. Look for a sprout that’s healthy, has a thick base, and a good root system.



Using scissors or shears, gently losen and separate the new sprout from the original plant. you want to make sure you have some strong roots in tact so that the new plant will propagate and germinate well.


Add your clipping to your planter. Fill the rest of the planter with additional potting soil. gently pack the soil around the clipping so that it is firmly in place. 



Give your plant a good dousing of water making sure the soil is wet and water flows out the bottom. This plant does not like a ton of water so you wont need to water it like this often.


Using some leftover potting soil, fill the hole that was created when you removed your clipping.2019-07-12-03.03.22-1


Find the perfect place for your new plant to go!

This plant does not like bright direct light so keep it away from a bright window or a room that gets all day sun. This plan grows best away from a windown or in a room with indirect lighting.



Enjoy your plant and be sure to share your plant with others too!

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