Breakfast Hash: Make a Hearty Breakfast with Leftover Vegetables

We LOVE roasted vegetables in the Comer household. The first dinner William and I made together after “McFly” arrived was pan seared Salmon with smashed potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts. The meal was delicious – we devoured the salmon but had some veggies leftover.

I woke up the next morning and really didn’t want soggy cereal and that’s when this “recipe” came to mind! I used leftover potatoes and brussels sprouts to come up with a hearty and delicious breakfast hash.


To make this hash you really just need four components.

  1. Leftover Roasted Starchy Vegetable (potato, sweet potato, butternut squash, etc).
  2. Leftover Roasted Cruciferious Vegetable (broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, etc).
  3. Breakfast protein (bacon, country ham, sausage, etc).
  4. Egg (scramled, fried, poached, or sunny side up to go on top of your hash).

For my hash I combined bacon, smashed roasted baby potatoes, and roasted brussels sprouts. Some combinations you could try are country ham, butternut squash and cauliflower, or breakfast sausage, sweet potato, and broccoli… the combinations are endless.


Step 1: Cook your meat

Heat a medium sized frying pan over medium-high heat. Add in your diced breakfast meat and cook to your desired doneness (I recomend it a little on the crispy side). Once it’s cooked through remove the meat from the pan but leave in any leftover oil.

Step 2: Reheat your veggies

Dice your leftover roasted veggies and add them to the pain with leftover oil (add a little olive oil or butter if your pan is dry). Cook over medium-high heat until the veggies are heated through and the edges are brown and crispy. Once heated through and crisped, season with salt and petter to taste and set aside.

Step 3: Prepare your egg

Prepare an egg to your liking. I opted for a sunny side up egg but this hash would go well with egg prepared any way (maybe not hard boiled — but any other way will work).

Step 4: Enjoy!

Combine your veggies with the meat and top with your egg! Bon Appétit.


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