One Room Challenge: Week 3 Recap and What to Expect for Week 4

This week was a very hands on week in the laundry room. I started off by assembling the Ikea armoire that would eventually become the laundry room cabinet. I also started sketching my “mudroom style” bench design. Later in the week I picked up my supplies from the home improvement store and got to work on my bench.

I’m so happy with how transformed my laundry room already looks. I started organizing some of our items and love the difference it makes having uniform and labeled bottles. It’s amazing what a $10 label maker and amber bottles will do for a space.

The bench that the cabinet sits on was inspired by a mudroom design I saw online. I want my laundry room to have the feel of a mudroom even though it’s not. I used an assortment of pine common boards, project panels, and fiberboard to assemble the bench. I want it to have the look of a butcher block bench for a fraction of the cost.

I believe having a space where we can discretely store clearning supplies and laundry detergent will be a game changer for us. We had a bad habit of leaving items on top of the dyer or just throwing them on the open shelf. Having this cabinet means that things can stay out of sight and allows for everything to have a place.

Here’s what you can expect as I head into week 4:

  • Finish the bench by staining and waxing it as well as attaching the entire structure to the wall
  • Build the fold down drying rack
  • Re attach quarter round moulding




    One Room Challenge – Weeks 2 and 3: Plywood Floors and Wallpaper

    Last week time got away from me and I didn’t have a chance to get you an update on the One Room Challenge. So I figured today I would give you a full update!

    Last week I spent the majority of my time focusing on the floors of the living room. After doing a TON of research on ceramic tile and vinyl tile I realized I didn’t want to drop a few hundred dollars on flooring. So instead of spending a majority of my laundry room budget on floors I opted for a cheap (yet beautiful) alternative.

    I decided to use quarter inch plywood as my flooring! I visited my local Lowe’s Home Improvement store and had them rip plywood down to 6″ strips. I used a hammer and nails to attach the wood flooring to my underlayment, and in just a few hours I had beautiful flooring that only cost me $25!

    In the coming weeks I plan on painting a checkerboard pattern on the floors and then sealing with polyurethane.

    This week I spent the majority of my time doing a hand painted accent wall that gives a nod to herringbone wallpaper. To create the “wallpaper” I taped off the wall in 5″ increments and then used a paintbrush to brush on an alternating herringbone pattern. I pulled off the tape and “ta-da” — hand painted wallpaper!

    My favorite part about this week’s addition is the peg rail with hanging laundry hamper! I hand made the pegs and attached the entire peg rail to the wall. I purchased these over the door hampers (that only cost $14 each) and hung them on the pegs. I’m excited about a laundry organization that gets our dirty towels off of the floor!

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    One Room Challenge Week One: Moody Laundry Room – Design Reveal

    I’m so excited to announce that I will be a guest participant in the Better Homes and Gardens Fall 2020 One Room Challenge. Although we’ve been in our home since 2017, I’ll admit that I’ve been lazy with home design and upgrades. Like many people, that all changed this year when we started spending more time at home.

    If you’re not familiar with the One Room Challenge, it is a 6 week design event that provides community, structure, and encouragement to completely transform a room.

    The Room: Laundry Room

    Our laundry room is always a mess. It lacks any type of organization and it’s turned into a landing spot for towels, shoes, and anything else that doesn’t have a home. The laundry room is the perfect room to tackle for this year’s one room challenge! I believe that every room in a home is important and the laundry room is often overlooked.

    Our laundry room is roughly 98″x64″. Although it’s not huge it defintely is enough space to transform into something more functional.

    Design and Mood Board

    My goal for the space is to provde a utility room that is cohesive with the rest of the house. I plan on adding in texture and depth by painting a checkerboard pattern on the floor, handpainted wallpaper, and adding plants for color and life.

    My plan for storage includes doing an IKEA hack to create a floor to ceiling cabinet that’s anchored to the wall and sits on top of a small bench seat. By adding in the bench I will have additional space for under steating storage (aka a place to hide laundry baskets). I also plan on adding in a heavy duty peg rail to add in additional wall organization (similar to the peg rail I did in my guest bathroom refresh).

    DIY is what I do best and I want that to be front and center during this process. One DIY I’m most excited about is a fold down drying rack. Currently I just lay out sweaters on top of the washing machine to dry. It will be nice to have a custom and space saving drying rack. I will also create a natural wood shelf to replace the white one that’s currently in the room.

    At the end of the day, I want a beautiful space that is functional, organized, and well designed.

    Progress Updates

    Over the next few weeks I will share my progress on instagram and here on the blog. Make sure you follow along at and check back here weekly for updated details on the project.

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    This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.