How to Fill Your Wall: 4 tips to keep in mind when hanging art

Do you ever see a gallery wall or a piece of art that just seems to “work” in a space? Although you might not realize it, there are some tried and true methods for hanging a cohesive gallery all, finding the right scale for art, and hanging a picture at just the right height. 

Today I’m sharing 4 tips to help you hang your art better

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Size is important

You want to fill as much space on the wall when possible when hanging art. If you have a big wall, then you need big art (or a large collection of art). I totally get it, large art can be expensive but I promise you won’t regret sizing up.

If you’re having trouble finding art large enough for your space consider getting a photo or work of art matted in a large frame. Adding a mat will expand the dimensions of the frame while also displaying the original size of the art.

A second alternative to a single piece of art is to hang a gallery wall. A gallery wall can be scaled to the space and can incorporate a variety of smaller works of art to cover a large portion of the wall.

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