White walls for the win! – Spring 2021 One Room Challenge: Week 3

We’re into week three of the One Room Challenge! I shared my original design a few weeks back so make sure you CLICK HERE to check it out if you missed it. CLICK HERE to see all of the featured and guest participant’s transformations on the One Room Challenge page.


Filling Small Holes in the Drywall

There were some small nail and pin holes in the drywall from small pictures and paintings that were hanging on the wall. I used DAP DryDex in a tube to fill in the small holes before painting over them. In my personal opinion, it’s fine to fill these tiny holes without priming over them before painting. If you have larger holes from anchors I recommend sanding down the holes, filling them — and once the spackle has dried, sand them down and prime before painting.


I’ve been taking things slow (probably a little too slow) with the one room challenge but I finally started painting this week! The walls of the girls room will have a color blocking look with white on the top and a light pink on the bottom. I don’t typically trend toward white paint but because this room will have colorful textiles, lights, bedding, and rug, I wanted to have a little white to balance it all out.

This week I was able to get the first coat of white paint on the walls, but of course I’ll need to get a second coat painted to get the nice finish I’m looking for.

What’s Next?

This week I will finish up the second coat of white paint and begin painting the lower half of the walls pink! I’m still trying to decide if the wall will be trimmed out to break up the two colors or if I’ll stick with just paint. As a reference, the paint colors that I’m using are Night Blooming Jasmine and Seaside Villa

— both by Behr Paint.


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