Family Room Project: Design 2.0 and Moodboard | Old meets New

Current Family Room with Old Apartment Furniture

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Back in spring 2021 I came up with a plan to refresh our family room! I got started on the project and then it came to a screeching halt. I saw that interior design and decorating trends were changing and felt that if I was going to invest in this space, I needed to be very intentional about the direction I was taking my design.

Almost 2 years later I’m sharing the vision for version 2.0 of the family room design. I feel like I finally have a really good grasp of the vision I have for my home (my kitchen renovation solidified that for me) and am really excited about the direction I’m going to take this space! So let’s talk about the design!


I’m so excited about the furniture we’ll be adding to the space! The furniture we currently have is from the 900 sq/ft. Apartment we moved into when we got married. It has served us well these last 8.5 years but the sofa is too small for the room and the chair is just a bit too bright for the direction I’m taking our house.


I wanted something modern that looks nice but that also makes sense for our family room. We spend most of our family time in this room so a sofa that is deep, and comfortable is a MUST. We ended up settling on a modern modular sofa with a deep seat and high arms and a high back.


One thing that’s lacking in this space is adequate seating. We currently have enough seating for 4. That’s definitely not enough for a gathering space/family room. My goal for the project is to end up with enough seating for at least 9 people (if not more). I’ll be adding in two leather lounge chairs, a storage ottoman, a dual purpose stool, and will hopefully finish the x-stools I started back in 2021.


Coffee and Side Table

Since I’m adding in seating for 9, that means that we need to have enough surface space for 9 people to be able to set their drinks on. I’ll be upgrading our coffee table to one that’s a better scale for the space. I’ll keep our current side table and will add in two additional drink tables (one is a stool that can double as seating).

Media Console

I’m keeping our current Ikea Besta TV unit but plan to give it a little DIY upgrade. I’ll be replacing the glass doors with solid doors and adding legs to give it a little more height and dimension. The glass doors add visual clutter to the space so by switching out the doors it will add some visual calmness. 


Overhead lighting

I love lighting and feel that the one of the best ways to add dimension to a space is by adding in and layering lighting. I’m finally going to add in an overhead light. I want something modern that also pairs well with more traditional room fixtures.


Everyone loves a good conversation piece and I found the perfect snake lamp that will not only add in light, but will also serve as a combination piece for the room. I wanted something delicate and interesting and this lamp does just that.


I’m still thinking through paint. I hated the wall color in this house when we purchased it but it’s starting to grow on me. It’s currently a high-gloss sheen and I don’t like that. So my options at this point are to paint it the same color but in a flat finish or change the color to something lighter (maybe even a white – GASP!).


New pillows and blankets are in the works to add additional dimension and comfort. I want to make sure the room feels cozy and I feel like the best way to do that is through pillows and blankets. I’ll be keeping the current curtains we have because they’re perfect for the space.


This is another area where I’m still a little uncertain about all the details. One thing I am certain about is the addition of a ceiling medallion! I’ve always loved how they look. I really want to bring the idea of “old vs. new” into my home and I feel like adding in a very traditional ceiling medallion into a space that has a lot of modern pieces will do just that.

I’m excited to get to work in this space and take you along from the process. The best way to follow along with this and all my other projects is via my instagram page and tiktok.

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