3 Year old Toddler Bedroom Upgrade: Mood Board and Inspiration

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I can’t believe it’s finally happening! A little over 3 years ago I brought home a tiny little baby girl from the hospital and now she’s already ready for a big girl bedroom and a big girl bed.

In summer of 2019 I wrote about McFly’s nursery. Since then I’ve done so many DIYs and room transformations but to this day, that nursery is still one of my favorite spaces.

We put McFly’s new mattress on the floor to get her used to sleeping on a twin matress but it was time to finally take the crib and changing table out of her room. It’s already feels so unreal to me that her baby furniture is gone.

I’m excited to share the moodboard for her “new” big girl bedroom with you! As always, I want to make this as cost effective as possible. I’ll use some splurge items, some budget options, I plan to reuse some items she already has in the space, AND I plan to repurpose some items.

Spray paint is going to be my best friend in this room and I’m excited to share as much of the process with you as I can!

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