The Best Cast Iron Cookware + Weekly Dinner Menu Featuring Classic American Favorites

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Classics are classics for a reason! They’re things that are tried and true and that have withstood the test of time! So today I’m sharing classic recipes and classic cookware!

Every home cook should own cast iron cookware. They’re classic cookware that are durable, help food cook easily, are easy to clean, and make almost any meal taste better.

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There are two types of cast iron cookware I recommend for every home. A reversible griddle and a combo cooker. A reversible griddle can be used for indoor grilling, pressing paninis, making pancakes and much more.

A cast iron combo cooker is just that, a two in one combo (a dutch oven and frying pan)! The dutch oven can be used for deep frying, braising, and so much more. The lid also doubles as a pan so its great for cooking ANYTHING that needs to be cooked in a heavy bottomed pan.

I’ve linked my favorite cast iron items below.

Cast Iron Reversible Griddle

Cast Iron Combo Cooker

This Week’s Menu

This week’s menu is all about classic American dishes. Although I love cuisine inspired by other regions, I’m also a sucker for traditional american comfort foods. I’ve provided you with 6 menu ideas and links to the recipes. All you need to do is write down the ingredients and do the grocery shopping.

Each day includes additional notes, tips, and recommendations to help you prep the meals. Unless noted, all meals are 4 servings.


Consider supporting a small business and order your favorite classic american dish from a local restaurant. If you’re local to metro Atlanta, check out a few of my favorites.

Meatless Monday

Total Time from Start to Finish: Less than 45 minutes

The soup recipe is for 6 servings. Make recipe adjustments based on your portion needs.

The sandwich recipe is for 1 serving so make recipe adjustments accordingly.

Notes and Recommendations: If you plan on serving the soup with grilled cheese sandwiches there’s no need to make the croutons included with the soup recipe.

Meal Prep Tips: Make the soup first. Once the soup recipe is almost done then start making your grilled cheese sandwiches. I recommend making your grilled cheese in a cast iron skillet.


Total Time from Start to Finish: Less than 30 minutes

The shrimp and grits recipe serves 2-3. Make recipe adjustments accordingly.

Meal Prep Tips: Start off by cooking the bacon first. While the bacon is cooking begin cooking your grits. Once the bacon has finished begin cooking your kale. Because the shrimp cooks so quickly you can cook that once the other recipe components are complete.


Total Time from Start to Finish: 1 hour. The majority of this time is cooking time.

For a quick side dish, purchase steam in bag broccoli and then toss with salt and pepper.

Notes and Recommendations: This recipe requires cooking the wings under the broiler in your oven. For this recipe to work (and not burn) the rack placement in your oven is key. If your wings are too close to the broiler they will burn. Check your wings periodically to avoid burning or overcooking. Adjust broiler temperature and turn wings as needed.


Spaghetti and Meatballs with a caesar salad

Total Time from Start to Finish: Approximately 45 minutes.

Serve with a bagged side salad or vegetable of your choice.

Meal Prep Tips: Form your meatballs and refrigerate them ahead of time to save time.


Total Time from Start to Finish: 45 minutes (Less than 45 minutes if you opt to make or purchase a salad)

The french fry recipe is 3-4 servings. If you double the recipe use 2 separate sheet pans.

Serve with a bagged side salad or vegetable of your choice.

Meal Prep Tips: Start cooking the french fries first. Once the Fries are in the oven then start working on the burger.

Saturday [Splurge]

Saturday Splurge is a recipe that uses ingredients that you might not typically keep in your pantry or is more hands on that something you cook during the week. If you don’t want to cook on Saturday, then don’t. Go grab some takeout and support a local small business!

Total Time from Start to Finish: 40 minutes.

Notes and Recommendations: If you’re not using fresh shrimp make sure you thaw your shrimp ahead of time. Using fresh dill is important for this recipe.

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