My Favorite Apron + Weekly Dinner Menu Packed with Southwestern Flavors

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Yes, I have a favorite apron! I know that sounds weird but any home cook knows that a good apron is a must. I’ve had a few different types of aprons over the years but my favorite is the cross back style. Theres no requirement to tie it around the neck or the waist… it just goes over your head and that’s it!

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Aprons are a must have in the kitchen because they not only protect your clothes from food, oil, and spills but they also protect your food from dust and debris you might have on your clothes from throughout the day.

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This Week’s Menu

This week’s menu is inspired by the flavors of the southwest United States! When many people think of southwestern US food they think of recipes covered in shredded cheddar cheese and sour cream. Although some of these recipes are heavy on the dairy, I did my best to incorproate a mix of healthy options and comfort foods. I’ve provided you with 6 menu ideas and links to the recipes. All you need to do is write down the ingredients and do the grocery shopping.

Each day includes additional notes, tips, and recommendations to help you prep the meals. Unless noted, all meals are 4 servings.


Takeout. Consider giving a new restaurant a try. If you’re local to metro Atlanta check out these local favorites.

[Meatless] Monday

Total Time from Start to Finish: An hour and a half – most of this time is hands off.

The Torta recipe is for 6 servings. These sandwiches are great for lunch the next day too.

Notes and Recommendations: Although the total time to cook this meal seems long, it’s actually an easy recipe to put together. The majority of the time for this recipe is roasting time for the garlic and the mushrooms.

Meal Prep Tips: Roast the garlic ahead of time. You can roast the garlic the day before or you can roast the garlic in the morning while you’re getting ready for work. The mushroom mix can be made a day ahead as well. Prep your salad while the mushrooms are roasting.


Total Time from Start to Finish: Less than 45 minutes.

Notes and Recommendations: You don’t want your meat and veggies to steam. If your sheet pan seems overcrouded, split the ingredients between two sheet pans. Turn on your broiler for a few minutes if you want a little extra char (but make sure you keep your eye on the food because things burn quickly under the broiler).


Total Time from Start to Finish: Approximately 45 minutes (in the recipe notes there’s also an option to cook it in the crockpot).

This recipe serves 8. It’s good for leftovers or can be frozen.

Notes and Recommendations: The recipe calls for poblano but can be substituted with a green bell pepper. If you don’t want to make your own tortilla strips just purchase your own or crumble tortilla chips.


Total Time from Start to Finish: Approximately 45 minutes.

Notes and Recommendations: Use your favorite type of rice in this recipe, you can even replace the rice with cauliflower rice.


Total Time from Start to Finish: Approximately 30 minutes.

Notes and Recommendations: Buy a bagged salad kit to save time. If you grocery shop once a week I recommend buying premade guacamole (this way you don’t have to worry about your avocados going bad too quickly).

Saturday [Splurge]

Saturday Splurge is a recipe that uses ingredients that you might not typically keep in your pantry or is more hands on that something you cook during the week. If you don’t want to cook on Saturday, then don’t. Go grab some takeout and support a local small business!

Total Time from Start to Finish: Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Recipe serves 8

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