DIY Fold Down Drying Rack with Building Guide

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What would it take to make you enjoy doing laundry? I don’t think I can answer that question, but having a fold down drying rack will certainly make it a little easier for me.

I recently built a fold down drying rack for my laundry room refresh and I wanted to share a high level building guide with you. My guides are not in-depth, or detailed building plans, but they should provide you with the visual aid and supply list you need to build the drying rack on your own.

This drying rack is the most sturdy when folded down to a 90 degree angle. If you plan to use your rack at a 45 degree angle, I recommend installing the hinges towards the top.



To build this drying rack I recommend doing all of your cuts and drilling your holes first. Second, build 3 of the 4 sides of the inside fame. Next add a little glue to the ends of the dowels and then insert into the pre-drilled holes. After your dowels are secure, attach the fourth side and then secure the frame with screws (this part might require a bit of trial and error). Build the outside frame and then or stain all your pieces. Last, attach your hardware (according to the package directions) and mount to your wall.

Again, if you want your rack to lay down flat, attach the hinges towards the bottom. If you want your rack to open to a 45 degree angle attach your hinges towards the top.

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