One Room Challenge: Week 3 Recap and What to Expect for Week 4

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This week was a very hands on week in the laundry room. I started off by assembling the Ikea armoire that would eventually become the laundry room cabinet. I also started sketching my “mudroom style” bench design. Later in the week I picked up my supplies from the home improvement store and got to work on my bench.

I’m so happy with how transformed my laundry room already looks. I started organizing some of our items and love the difference it makes having uniform and labeled bottles. It’s amazing what a $10 label maker and amber bottles will do for a space.

The bench that the cabinet sits on was inspired by a mudroom design I saw online. I want my laundry room to have the feel of a mudroom even though it’s not. I used an assortment of pine common boards, project panels, and fiberboard to assemble the bench. I want it to have the look of a butcher block bench for a fraction of the cost.

I believe having a space where we can discretely store clearning supplies and laundry detergent will be a game changer for us. We had a bad habit of leaving items on top of the dyer or just throwing them on the open shelf. Having this cabinet means that things can stay out of sight and allows for everything to have a place.

Here’s what you can expect as I head into week 4:

  • Finish the bench by staining and waxing it as well as attaching the entire structure to the wall
  • Build the fold down drying rack
  • Re attach quarter round moulding




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