Deck Upgrade + Favorite Finds

As many of you know, my husband and I purchased a home about a year and a half ago. Slowly we’ve been upgrading, remodeling, and decorating.

Although kids are going back to school, we still have about a month and a half of the real summer season left. I figured there was no better time than now to get some furniture for our back deck.

2018-08-05 016497109925085879650..jpg

Our deck is actually pretty big, and purchasing fancy deck furniture such as sofas, side tables, and picnic tables isn’t a priority right now. I did however want to add a little something to our huge deck.

2018-08-05 012032392267782308333..jpg

This past week I made a Target run during my lunch break. I decided to check out the seasonal aisle and came across this adorable little patio set!

2018-08-05 014310021528409585625..jpg

I immediately fell in love! I love the color, l love the pattern, and I absolutely love the size.

2018-08-05 018088600508399064088..jpg

The set is actually foldable so once it gets cold I can bring it inside and store it in the basement.

2018-08-05 018794132999192154240..jpg

I’ve already had the opportunity to have my morning coffee on the back deck and I’m excited about many more mornings to come.

William got me this Chemex pour over coffee maker a few years ago and it’s the best for Saturday mornings. I loved getting to bring it out on the deck with me.

2018-08-05 013861906430591554752..jpg

While at Target I also found this cute indoor outdoor lantern that’s a perfect addition for the table set. It’s battery operated and is something I don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving outdoors. It uses AA batteries and is dimmable.

Another favorite item that’s great for a breakfast out on the deck is this adorable red bowl. I found a set at a Goodwill and purchased all 6! If you haven’t checked out your local thrift store when decorating, you should!

2018-08-05 01707006509568602607..jpg

I’m a huge West Elm fan as well and I purchase these Dapper Animal Salad Plates every time they go on sale. They’re only $10 and are a perfect conversation piece for outdoor [or indoor] meals!

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of my home! Check out the icons below if you’re interested in learning more about any of these items!

2018-08-05 012053736057525612294..jpg





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  1. This is such a cute set that you’ve chosen! The perfect place to have breakfast in the morning in the outdoors, I’ve been looking for one myself

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