Bread. Salt. Wine. — Three Items to Warm the Home

“Bread, that this house may never know hunger. Salt, that life may always have flavor. And wine, that joy and prosperity may reign forever.” — Mary and George Bailey (It’s a Wonderful Life)


One of my dearest friends recently celebrated 3 very large milestones in less than a month. She graduated from college, moved out of her parent’s house into her own place, and started her very first “big girl” job. I’m so proud of her and was so excited to hear that she found a quaint place to call home. I knew I wanted to bring a little something over during my first visit to bless her home and wish her the best as she transitioned into life after college.

One of my favorite holiday moves is It’s a Wonderful Life. In the movie Mary and George Bailey bless their friends with a housewarming gift. Mary and George give bread, salt, and wine as representations of what they hope their friends experience in their new home and new life. I took the thought from this move and made my own version of this traditional housewarming gift basket.


All of the items came from TJ Maxx, Aldi, and the dollar store, and I don’t believe I spent more than $25 for all of the items. I love that I was able to put my own twist on this gift and show my friend how proud I am of her. I wish for nothing less than the best for her and my prayer is that she never knows hunger, always enjoys the flavor of life, and lives a life of joy and prosperity!

Anyone can bring a coffee table book, a bottle of wine, or some cutting boards to a friend’s house but I promise a Bread, Salt and Wine basket will be appreciated as well. If you’re interested in knowing how I created my basket, feel free to follow the steps outlined below.

Items Needed: 



Remove any wrapping from the floral foam. and make any cuts as needed so that it fits inside of the basket. The floral foam is used to elevate the contents in your basket and give your gift a fuller look. I used a few plastic bags to fill in extra space in my basket at well (gift tissue would probably be best).


Figure out the look that works best for the dimensions of the basket. I found that the bread looked best in the middle with the two glass bottles to the side.


Carefully place your personalized note to make sure that it’s featured but does not take away from the basket. Once all of your contents are in place fill the extra space with decorative shred.


Use the decorative sting to create a focal point for the basket. This will serve as your bow and will also allow you to fix your decorative tag to eye-catching location.


This is a quick and easy housewarming gift that will always be appreciated.


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