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Welcome to Pinch Plate Party! I’m Lauren, a trusted influencer, content creator, and modern homemaker that’s empowering homeowners to unlock the transformative power of home experiences. “Elevate Home, Elevate Life” is my driving force, as I believe that enhancing homes can elevate overall quality of life and experiences.

My content focus is DIY and home projects, captivating decor, and delightful meals that inspire audiences to reimagine their living spaces. Whenever I travel, I take my audience with me to give them examples of how travel can also inspire how we live our lives at home.

Partner with Pinch Plate Party to access an audience hungry for accessible solutions. Together, we’ll prove that with a few tools and a modest budget, anyone can create the home of their dreams.

Let’s collaborate and inspire homeowners to shape the future of home-centric experiences, leaving a lasting impact on their lives and the way they inhabit their homes. Join me in this remarkable journey to elevate homes and lives!

Brand Partnership Opportunities

  • Full Social Media Campaigns
  • Product Photography and Videography with In Home Styling
  • Blog Posts
  • UGC
  • Recipe Development

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