Let’s start this year off clean + Free Printable Cleaning Checklist!

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Is there any better way to enter into the new year than with a clean home? I know I’m not the only who takes time to clean, declutter, and refresh before wrapping up holiday vacation. I’ve spent a lot of time this week clearning my home and I’m committed to staying on top of my cleaning as I go into the new year.

Today, I want to share a few cleaning resources with you!

  • Highlight a cleaning tool and acessory kit that has simplified cleaning.
  • Share a printable cleaning checklist that focuses on daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly home cleaning.
  • Provide you with quick tutorials for cleaning and updating a variety of household surfaces and items.

Dremel Versa Cordless Power Scrubber Kit and Accessory Mega Kit

One of the reasons why I typically dislike deep cleaning is because it requires so much scrubbing. I recently started using a tool that has made cleaning much less labor intensive.

The Dremel Cordless Versa Power Scrubber Kit and Accessory Mega Kit have been a game changer for our home. The Power Scrubber Kit is a cordless and high speed cleaning tool that makes small cleaning projects a breeze. The Accessory Mega Kit has replacement and additional cleaning accessories that expands what I can clean with the scrubber.

The Versa Cordless Power Scrubber is high powered and usable in wet and dry applications. The kit includes the Versa High-Speed Power Cleaner Tool, eraser pad, non-scratch pad, bristle brush, corner brush, heavy duty pad, a pplash guard, and a charger. The scrubber charges fully in about 2 hours and can handle a small cleaning job on a single charge. I’ve found that the best way to extend the battery life is to plug it into the chager during cleaning breaks.

The best thing about this tool is that it eleminates most of the labor that goes into scrubbing. The powerful roatry function means that the tool does 99% of the work, all that’s required of the user is to guide and stabilize. Just pick the appropriate accessory for your cleaning surface, attach it to the cleaner, and watch it work it’s magic.

Although the Power Scrubber Kit comes with 5 acessories, the Accessory Mega Kit provides you with a host of replacement and additional accessories. The Accessory Mega Kit Includes 15 cleaning pads (3-pieces of each); polishing, non scratch, eraser foam, extreme scour, and kitchen scour. It also includes an additional corner scrubbing brush, and storage bag. Having the Accessory Mega Kit means that I have additional cleaning pads when I need them.


Free Download: Home Cleaning Checklist

Growing up, my mom and dad put a list on the refrigerator that broke down each child’s daily cleaning responsibilities. It kept us accountable to cleaning and helped keep us in the habit of tidying up. My goal for this cleaning checklist is to replicate the list my parents provided me with when I was young.

This checklist isn’t all inclusive but it does break down daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly recommendations that will help develop the habit of doing just a little bit of cleaning every day of the week. My hope is that if I can commit to just a little cleaning every day, I will be able to avoid the frustration of doing a big clean once a week.

Quick Cleaning Tutorials

Bathroom Shower Glass and Mirror

Use a cleaning cloth to wipe down any build up. Spray the surface with your desired cleaner (I recommend a cleaner with bleach for shower glass and windex or a water/vinger solution for mirrors). Attach the Versa tool with the Eraser Pad accessory and guide the tool along the glass or mirror to remove any dirt or water marks. Rinse or wipe down with water and dry with a microfiber cloth.

An alternative to the versa tool is to use a hand held eraser sponge.


Bathroom Tile

Spray tile and grout with the cleaning solution of your choice. I recommend a cleaner with bleach for best results. Use the Versa tool with the Brisle Brush accessory and guide the tool along the grount and tile until clean. Replace the Bristle Brush accessory with the Corner Brush accessory to clean hard to reach nooks and crannies.

An alternative to the versa tool is using a hand held scrubbing brush.


Golf Balls:

Rinse off golf balls and place them in a bucket filled with warm water and anti bacterial soap and let sit for 30 minutes. Use the bristle bruch accessory on the versa tool and scrub off any dirt or sand. Rinse off the golf balls and place in a bucket with water a cap full of bleach and let sit for 30 minutes. Pour off the water and dry the golf balls with a clean cloth or rag.

An alternative to the versa tool is to use a hand held scrubbing brush.



Spray doors with your desired disinfectant cleaning spray. Attach the Eraser Pad to the Versa cleaning tool. power on the tool and guide it along the door, focuding your attention on areas nearest to the door knob. Once the door has reached your desired level of cleanliness wipe it down with water and a damp rag to remove any residual cleaning solution.

An alternative to the versa tool is to use a hand held eraser sponge.


Polishing Shoes


Use a rag to apply a thin later of shoe polish to your shoes. Let the polish dry completely. Attach the Polishing Pad (included in the Mega Accessory Kit) to the versa cleaning tool. Run the polishing pad along the shoes to buff out the polish and to shine your shoes.

An alternative to the versa tool is to use a shoe polishing cloth.

Use these organization labels to make clothing storage a breeze.

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I, like most people, store clothes that we currently arent wearing in big plastic bins. The issue that I’ve had in the past is that I can never remember what items I put in each bin. I want to share some tips to easily organize and label your stored clothing so you never have to play the guessing game again.

Whenever possible, store your clothing (and any other items) in clear containers. Using clear storage containers makes it easy for you to tell what types of items are inside. I know this seems like common sense, but I know I’ve made the mistake of using opaque bins for storage and I always regret it.

The most important part of clothing storage is approprate labels. While it’s nice to mark what’s inside your bin, it’s just as important to note if the bin is heavy or contains fragile items. Trust me, you wont regret taking the extra steps to approprately label your bins.

CLICK HERE to download my printable organization labels. Just print out the PDF, cut the labels, and tape them to the inside of your clear plastic bins (or to the outside of opaque bins).

I recommend using multiple smaller bins instead of one large bin. Using smaller bins makes it easier to sort through the items. A large bin means you will most likely have to do some searching before you find what you need.


Transform this play kitchen into the kitchen of your (kid’s) dreams!

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I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve been planning this play kitchen makeover from the moment my daughter was born. I’ve always wanted to be a mom, and have dreamed about the day my daughter and I could play pretend together. It’s amazing to think that my daughter is now a toddler and is ready for her first kitchen!

I used the SPISIG Ikea kitchen for the foundation of this project. From there I used peel and stick tiles, paint, and a little bit of lumber to turn this play kitchen into the kitchen of my… I mean, my daughter’s dreams. I’ve linked all my sources throughout the post.

Backsplash and Marble Countertops

The SPISIG kitchen does not have any type of backing behind the sink so from the start I knew I wanted to add in a backsplash. I used hardboard and cut it to size and then added some beautiful peel and stick hexagon tiles.

I love the look of marble countertops and was able to replicate the look by attaching Marble Contact paper directly to the countertop!



There’s MAGIC in paint. I painted almost the entire frame of the kitchen as well as the oven and cabinet doors. I also painted the faucet and sink. With a project like this one, it’s important for there to be a high level of durability. My hope is that the effort I put into protecting the paint will help keep chips in the paint at bay.


Open Shelving and Slat Lower Shelf

To create the open shelves I cut down a pine 1×4 and then sanded and stained it. To install it to the kitchen I added in pocket holes and then screwed the shelves directly into the upper kitchen frame.

I love the slat trend that’s happening right now and I knew I wanted incorporate it into the play kitchen. For the slats I purchased lattice moulding, cut it down to size, sand stained it. I attached it to the bottom shelf using brad nails.



Styling the play kitchen was so fun. I loved finding and making miniature items to add to the countertop and shelves. The mini charcuterie boards were so fun to make (you can find the step by step directions outlined HERE in a recent blog post). I loved pulling out my sewing machine to make a couple dish towels. I used some wood trim to build a cute frame and had my daughter paint the art to go in the frame. I also loved finding cute little items to tie it all together.